29th Annual Vocal Competition

Vocal Competition - FB Event Cover

For over 28 years, Annapolis Opera’s Vocal Competition has given opera students and young professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region the opportunity to hone their craft by performing for a blue-ribbon panel of judges comprised of respected music educators and opera performers. It also gives Artistic Director Ronald J. Gretz a chance to discover new talent for upcoming Annapolis Opera productions. The competition is fierce, with the eight finalists selected from more than 100 outstanding applicants! Prizes total more than $10,000, with each finalist receiving from $500 to $3,500.

Held at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the competition spans a weekend, with both semi-finals and finals open to the public, and is FREE, due to a generous grant from The Helena Foundation, Jim and Sylvia Earl.

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners!

The Victoria Waidner and Felix Rosario Audience Choice Award Winners:


Congratulations to our 2017 Semi-Finalists!

Vocal Competition Grand Prize Winners

  • 2016: Galeano Salas, tenor
    2015: Diane Kalinowski, soprano
    2014: Huanhuan Ma, soprano
    2013: Halim Shon, tenor
    2012: Sarah Mesko, mezzo-soprano
    2011: Zach Borichevsky, tenor
    2010: Rolando Sanz, tenor
    2009: Aaron Agulay, baritone
    2008: Jay Jung, baritone

  • 2007: Colleen Daly, soprano
    2006: Eun Hee Kim, soprano
    2005: Lori Lind, soprano
    2004: Sheri Jackson, soprano
    2003: Dongwon Shin, tenor
    2002: Kwang-Kyu Lee, bass
    2001: Tianxu Zhou, baritone
    2000: Angela Fout, soprano
    1999: Daesan No, baritone
    1998: Hyun Min Lee, soprano

  • 1997: Charles Reid, tenor
    1996: Michael Ford, tenor
    1995: Taewon Yi Kim, mezzo-soprano
    1994: Jennifer Post, soprano
    1993: John Weber, tenor
    1992: Reginald Allen, baritone
    1990: Deborah Arnold, soprano
    1989: Marcia Plait Treece, mezzo-soprano
    1988: Grant Young, baritone