Board of Trustees

  • Ann Alsina

    Melvin Bender

    Kathleen Booth

    Mark Brown

    Margo Cook

    Edward Crump

  • Gladys Datch

    Donna Durkan

    Ann Glenn

    Richard Krimm

    Nadja Maril

  • Joyce Olin

    Jeff Ostenso

    Joel Otto

    Michael Smith

    Leah Solat

    Ann A. Tran

Advisory Trustees


  • Anna E. Greenberg

    Nancie Kennedy

  • William Ray

    David Stern


    Honorary Trustees


  • Larry Hogan

    Governor of Maryland

    Thomas V. Mike Miller

    President of the Maryland Senate

    Michael E. Busch

    Speaker of the House of Delegates of Maryland
  • Steve Schuh

    Anne Arundel County Executive

    Michael Pantelides

    Mayor of Annapolis

    Christopher Nelson

    St. John’s College President
  • Dawn Lindsay

    Anne Arundel Community College President

    George Arlotto

    Anne Arundel Public Schools Superintendent