Board of Trustees

  • Ann Alsina

    Melvin Bender

    Kathleen Booth

    Mark Brown

    Margo Cook

  • Gladys Datch

    Donna Durkan

    Ann Glenn

    Richard Krimm

    Patrick Lee

  • Nadja Maril

    Joyce Olin

    Joel Otto

    Leah Solat

    Ann A. Tran

Advisory Trustees


  • Anna E. Greenberg

    Nancie Kennedy

  • William Ray

    David Stern

Honorary Trustees


  • Larry Hogan
    Governor of Maryland

    Thomas V. Mike Miller
    President of the Maryland Senate

    Michael E. Busch
    Speaker of the House of Delegates of Maryland

    Steve Schuh
    Anne Arundel County Executive

  • Michael Pantelides
    Mayor of Annapolis

    Christopher Nelson
    St. John’s College President

    Dawn Lindsay
    Anne Arundel County Community College President

    George Arlotto
    Anne Arundel Public Schools Superintendent